Leadership, Stress Management and the Culture of Success

What prevents all of us from performing at our best? Unwanted demand. This is especially true for School Leaders, who are constantly in demand. Unwanted demand is the forerunner to stress, overload and burnout. This workshop, aimed specifically at headteachers and senior leaders, will help school leaders on a personal level to handle the stress that comes from the high demands they face.
The workshop goes on to explore the powerful concepts of assertive and compassionate leadership – models of leadership that fit well in a school context. These modern and effective approaches to leadership both encourage personal and organisational well-being, and improved staff and pupil performance.

This workshop will enable participants to:

  • Consider the benefits of putting their own and staff well-being at the heart of school policy – and the likely costs of not doing so.
  • Clarify their understanding of stress and of ways to manage and prevent it – for themselves and others.
  • Discover the power of assertive and compassionate leadership in creating a culture of success.
  • Explore how, in practical ways, their school might put the concept of well-being at its centre.
  • Reflect on the practical aspects of dealing appropriately and effectively with a member of staff reporting stress.

Workshop content:

The increasing costs of stress to individuals and the school – and the tangible gains, backed up by research, from promoting staff well-being. A look at some facts and figures, what works and how you might approach things differently.
The effects of unwanted demand, commonly called stress. We explore what stress is and how it manifests, what causes it and how participants can identify stress in themselves and others – a crucial stage in creating a supportive school culture in which individuals can successfully manage and prevent the adverse effects of unwanted demand.
Personal stress prevention, management and coping strategies and practical ways in which to enter the ideal relaxed and calm state. Modelling 'calm' is not only empowering for oneself, it is one of the most powerful ways of creating a calm and relaxed state in others.
The Power of Assertive and Compassionate Leadership. This session explores what it really means to be assertive and compassionate – two terms that can often be misunderstood – and why these interlinking approaches to leadership, successfully used in the business world, can be so powerful and successful in the school setting.
The calm and supportive school - a recipe for success. How a school might fulfil its practical and legal obligations to look after staff, take positive steps to improve staff well-being and, at the same time, improve pupil outcomes. We consider practical ways in which a school can create a culture promoting the well-being of everyone in the school community.


Duration: A one day workshop. This workshop is ideal for 15 to 25 participants.

Cost: £1000 plus travel expenses

Please note, the workshop is delivered by two people, both Dr. Jonathan Lloyd and Chris Dawson and the cost includes workbooks and other materials.